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528 Ibiza

Carrer del RomanĂ­ San Antonio, Ibiza 07820 Spain

528 Ibiza have so much expertise and desire in the world of clubbing and entertainment. They will give you a fantastic and unforgettable night out in San Antonio. What they don’t have on offer at this venue would be much easier to list. 528 Ibiza is a complete experience. 528 has an open air arena which is surrounded on either side by pine trees. This gives a spectaular, elevated view of golden sunsets. There is also much to explore on the inside of the venue too.

528 is based on the site of the former Benimussa Park on the outskirts of San Antonio. It has been totally transformed into this multi venue extravaganza. 528 Ibiza gets it’s name from 528hz, which is the frequency associated with love, energy, awareness and furthermore, creativity.

A theatrical, gourmet experience that also comes with a feast for the eyes wherever you look. It will leave you thoroughly exposed to the emotions of the works that assault your senses. The works they present give you the history of the island. A totally immersive experience that feeds all of the senses. They’ve worked tirelessly with the likes of Andy Mckay, famed for his work with Ibiza Rocks, Pikes and also Manumission, to bring you the all-round experience of a lifetime.

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