Café Montesol

Passeig de Vara de Rey, 2 Ibiza, Ibiza 07800 Spain

For over 80 years Café Montesol has always been a place for people to congregate and watch the world go by. Once upon a time people used to gather here before the ferry arrived. This was when there used to be only one or two services per week. They gathered just to see who got off the boat. You never knew who you’d bump into in those days. Café Montesol is also in a very prestigious location, Vara Del Rey, which is now pedestrianised and just as beautiful as it ever was. The feel that Café Montesol gives is really quite exceptional, furthermore, it has the staff to match.

The menu at this venue gives a flavour of what the mediterranean diet provides. Rich in flavour and prepared with love from the talented kitchen staff.

As daylight begins to dwindle they invite you to try the rooftop bar. There you will find the most sumptuous of views. It takes in the fortified Dalt Vila and Ibiza old Town, which is a specticle all on it’s own. Also it allows for great views of the port, always bustling with activity. You can enjoy these views whilst sipping on some of the best cocktails money can buy or, should you prefer a clean head in the morning, a mocktail.

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