Casa Sudaka

Plaça de sa Riba, 5 ibiza, Balearic Islands 07800 Spain

South America as arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean’s White Island. Casa Sudaka have brought some fantastic flavours with them too. Offering a great selection of cocktails and also a great menu to choose from. Casa Sudaka is situated at the far end of the busy marina, you can watch the deckhands busy at work while you chill. They will be on some of the largest and finest yachts to be found on the planet.

The salivating menu will really leave you with a difficult choice when it comes to ordering. They have some wonderfully prepared meats and traditional South American sides. Their cocktail menu will leave you wanting more for fear of missing out on some of the delicous tastes. One of the better dilemmas to have but also a good enough reason to return. This is one of those venues that really don’t know what time to close, they just want to carry on until everyone needs to leave for fear of not otherwise making it back to the hotel.

They really take great pride in everything that they do in this establishment from the music to the food and drink. Casa Sudaka will not leave you disappointed. It will, however, leave you wanting for more of the same.

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