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DC10 Ibiza

Carretera las salinas, km 1 Sant Josep, Ibiza 07818 Spain

DC10 Ibiza, created by brothers Sito and Antonio Lara, started from humble beginnings as a bar. What happened next was beyond their wildest dreams, as it went from strength to strength. DC10 Ibiza very quicky became established as an internationally recognised brand and also, more importantly, the place to go for electronic music. The fact that the club is directly at the end of the runway at Ibiza Airoort is an integral part of the venue’s appeal. You can almost touch the underbelly of the landing aircraft whilst dancing to the beats.

Trying to find out what will be going on at DC10 isn’t the easiest of tasks. The club do little or no advertising whatsoever. They concentrate on the same thing as their customers, the music. This is what attracts the vast majority of visitors.

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