La Cava Tapas Bar

Passeig de Vara de Rey, 4 Ibiza, Balearic Islands 07800 Spain

Located on the prestigious Vara del Rey La Cava is without doubt one of the best places to sit and people watch in Ibiza town. It’s location plays a big part in the initial appeal of this venue. Once you’re sat down at a table, however, you realise that there is much more to the appeal. They don’t just have all of the usual favourite tapas on offer. Patatas bravas and the Russian roulette of Padron Peppers are a given. La Cava also have a slightly different take on seafood tapas. They also put a modern twist on many of their other dishes too. Depending exactly how hungry you are they will have something for you. Always wothwhile perusing the menu to suit how you’re feeling.

Boasting that 80% of their products are locally sourced, is quite a feat to be reckoned with. They even use the olive oil that is produced on the island. There are not many establishments with such a record as they have even in Ibiza. Sourcing quite exotic and different gins to please almost every gin lover and,naturally, as the name suggests, cava. It wouldn’t be right to not include great coffees, teas and infussions on the list too.

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How to reach La Cava Tapas Bar

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