Massa Coffee

Paseo Juan Carlos I, 39 Ibiza, Balearic Islands 07800 Spain

Open all year round, Massa Coffee has the knowledge and the expertise to give you the flavour and experience that you should get from a barista. From an espresso to cappuccino, they take great care in providing you with the best coffee beans and crafting your coffee to a high standard. Massa Coffee also has a wide array of teas and infusions if a hot drink is what you need. They offer stunning cold pressed juices to quench your thurst, which are great for those hot summer days.

To satisfy your hungar they can provide different levels. From anything as light as a piece of toasted bread to sandwiches and pastries also stuffed with yummy goodness. They have a vegan menu available to suit your needs.

If you enjoy the coffee that much you are also invited to buy their very own coffee beans. Much has to be said, however, for the technique of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. We believe they have it down to a fine art at this venue.

It is conveniently located on the roadside very close to Marina Botafoc. This provides the perfect place to go and walk off your breakfast and take in the view.

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How to reach Massa Coffee

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