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07819 Cap Martinet Ibiza, Ibiza 07819 Spain

Nestled on the cliff tops of Cap Martinet, just above the beautiful bay of Talamanca, you will find Tox. Within the basement of Destino Pacha Resort Hotel. A nightclub perfectly situated to keep you partying until the sun comes up and close enough to your bed to minimise the consequences.

Tox used to be exclusively for the guests at the resort and those who were ‘in the know’ but since 2022 it has opened to the general publc.

The decoration and style of the venue is very much inkeeping with what you might expect from the Pacha brand. They know how to make every night a special occassion. To say that this place is exclusive would be doing it a disservice. Tox has a capacity of 150 people and it fills up fast. Booking a ticket in advance is more of a necessity than a recommendation.

The venue more often than not hosts private functions and as such only opens to the public now and again, usually on the weekends. If you are wanting an intimate clubbing experience, this place is the one for you.
Events are tailored to suit many different tastes and styles and will also have a wide array of genres.

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