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Underground Ibiza

Diseminado Cas Arabins, 96 San Antonio, 07816 Spain

Underground Ibiza, the club that quite literally lives up to it’s name. Being one of the hidden gems of Ibiza, thanks to it’s practically non-existent advertising policy and location. Largely Underground Ibiza rely on word of mouth and social media to get people through the door, so people turn up for the right reasons. They are there for the music and the line up. Underground Ibiza is nestled inbetween Amnesia and Privilege and not a particularly easy one to find. A taxi is definitely recommended for this one. The search or the taxi, whatever floats your boat, will be massively worth the cost. Whether it’s financial or physical. There is a bus stop close to the club if you fancy a little adventure inbetween the two options.
Underground Ibiza is very popular with residents and workers, not least for the discounts or knowing where it is. They often have deals such as 30 euros entry, with a drink included, even less for those mentioned.

Underground will give you an experience entirely different and more intimate than the superclubs. Definitely a much more chilled out and relaxed night out on the white island, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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