Show Time
: Thursdays 13:00
: Afro,Soulful House

Natalli is a DJ singer songwriter producer from London, and loves the original underground old school Jungle, Drum and Bass and Liquid, with a passion also for 90’s House/Deep/Funky/Soulful/ Gospel/Afro/Tribal/ Chill out,Tech House and Techno. Her obsession with deep, dark bass-lines, rhythmical and melodic sounds, that favour real instruments especially piano, strings, brass and percussion are really powerful and energetic. She has an amazing attention to detail, totally immersed in her music, and has an elite ear for the hottest new sounds, the coolest classics, and is always on the hunt for the freshest tunes and producers to add to her ever expanding library. Her purpose in life is to entertain, uplift, empower, unite, spread the love and take people away from the mundane, energy draining stress of every day life, even if only for an hour… or 24!



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